Thursday, June 28, 2012

june 2012

summer 2012

ive lost 6 pounds and wrking for more i push myself
and i workout i try everything and im pkay with 6 pounds
i know that i am trying and that trying is all that matters
i eat less i work more and honestly im starting to be happy with
my body i dont worry about how i look anymore if i dont
wear makeup when i go out i dont care
        i dont care what people think of me anymore
        i am happy with how i a and loosing weight is
        just a plus side  to everything yes i am hoping
        to loose more weight but if i dont loose it all
        by the time school starts i will be okay with it
                     by the time school start i do ope to kind look
                     like kim kardashing
                     lol imy friends and i kept joking around
                      my freshman year about
                      looking like her but to be completly honest i dont cae if i look
                      like her or not when i get back to school lol
                                            At this very moment my life is flying down the highway at 100 mph in the direction of the happiness I always dreamed of but never thought possible.

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