Thursday, June 28, 2012

june 2012

summer 2012

ive lost 6 pounds and wrking for more i push myself
and i workout i try everything and im pkay with 6 pounds
i know that i am trying and that trying is all that matters
i eat less i work more and honestly im starting to be happy with
my body i dont worry about how i look anymore if i dont
wear makeup when i go out i dont care
        i dont care what people think of me anymore
        i am happy with how i a and loosing weight is
        just a plus side  to everything yes i am hoping
        to loose more weight but if i dont loose it all
        by the time school starts i will be okay with it
                     by the time school start i do ope to kind look
                     like kim kardashing
                     lol imy friends and i kept joking around
                      my freshman year about
                      looking like her but to be completly honest i dont cae if i look
                      like her or not when i get back to school lol
                                            At this very moment my life is flying down the highway at 100 mph in the direction of the happiness I always dreamed of but never thought possible.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


well i have been walking about a mile or two a day and in  the past week i have lost two pounds if i contuine to walk every day and then i should get to closer to my weight goal in about 5 weeks if i work very hard. i will keep a on going post every few weeks. see you then !!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


not much has changed contuine to work out and try to look weight but its hard my parents dont think i want to loose weight but with every thing i c like the fact that when i go to school and c all these pretty girls with thier boyfriends or the fact that when i get to the third level of the school building i am out of breth idk it hurts plus to c all these skinny girls call themselves fat it offends me if yur fat i must be the fattest person to ever walk the earth its so annoying i hear it all the time and its gettingf soooooo annoying
thts all for noww~~~

Friday, August 5, 2011

Got new clothes!!!!!!

So i got my new clothes yesterday. Most of them were from deb and some was from layne bryant. We got my homecoming dress already i will post pictures of everything some time later :) i just wanted to brag that i lost 6 pounds and i droped 2 dress sizes!!!! this makes me so insanly happy. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! brb. ttyl.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

school clothes shopping

my mom and i are going to get new school clothes on friday and im thinking about going to deb for alot of my stuff i kinda want dressier clothes than last year and i want to look really mature so im nervous i might get some jewlery or something and i will post pics of my new cllothes sometime this weekend

possible new clothes:
junior plus faux belted surplus top - debshops.comjunior plus drape front 2fer top - debshops.comjunior plus winged cross tee - debshops.comjunior plus floral bloom mock tank - debshops.comjunior plus floral bloom mock tank - debshops.comjunior plus draping striped 2fer tee - debshops.comjunior plus floral bloom mock tank - debshops.comjunior plus belted tunic sweater - debshops.comjunior plus belted stripe tunic - debshops.comJunior Plus amethyst dark blast bermuda shorts - debshops.comreign plus size curvy fit skinny jean - dark blue blast -

Augest Begining

well school starts soon and idk i go clothes shopping on friday and ive lost some weight just not alot and with that im going to try and get clothes that make me look skinny and idk how im gonna do putting on make up before school i will test it out n a week or two so i know what i like and feel pretty in and i know that for sure im not putting my hair in a pony tail like i did every single day last year 
ive done alot better or at least i think i have been with not  eating to much food at one time but i am still working on excrise im gonna try to do alot of sports in highscholl and mabey some running im not quite sure yet i just know for a fact that im not goning to be lazy during gym class lol 

Friday, July 15, 2011


Well I havent been very motavated to excerise so i need hep. What do i do? High school starts in T-33 days. I need to loose like 20 pounds by then help tell me what i can do. I have been working some here and some there but i need to do one every single day and i need help man. Im asking for advice :)